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New Age Wrestling

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2006 Results

 The Westby Rumble

2/11/06  Westby, WI


"Sinister" Zakk Neo def. "Playboy" Troy

Cruiserweight Championship
2 Lo def. Jake Classic (c)

Tag Team Championship
Backdraft (c) def. The Brothers Grimm

United States Championship
D-roc Devin Martin def Lumberjack (c)

Jay Chaotic & Butch Davis def. The Carnival

NFW Heavyweight Championship
Ian Xavier (c) def. Buddah

Heavyweight Championship
"Superstar" Steve Stardom def. Ace Spade (c)


Assault on Altura

March 18th, Altura, MN


Cruiserweight Championship

Ace Spade vs. 2 Lo (c) went to a time limit draw


Magnus Karlson def. Jay Chaotic


Tag Team Championship

Backdraft (c) def. the German Enforcers


Television Championship

Jezrial def. Darkchild


Jimmy Jones def. Lumberjack


Buddah def. Ian Xavier


United States Championship

Jake Classic def. D-roc (c)


Heavyweight Championship

Maverick def. Steve Stardom (c)



NAW/WPW Clash of the Champions II

March 25th, 2006 Caladonia, MN


WPW US Championship

Fire def. Widowmaker (c)


Television Championship
Jezrial (c) def. Jay Chaotic


Cruiserweight Championship

2 Lo (c) def. D-roc by DQ


Tag Team Championship

German Enforcers def. Backdraft (c)


Lumberjack def. Mike "the Bull" Geuke


WPW Lightheavyweight Championship
Zakk Neo def. Josh Calisto (c)


United States Championship

Jake Classi (c) def. Jimmy Jones



Heavyweight Championship

Steve Stardom (WPW) def. Maverick (NAW) to win both titles




Night of Champions

May 20th, 2006, Holmen, WI


Butch Davis def. Darkchild

NAW U.S. Title
Jake Classic (c) def. J Chaotic

Backdraft def. Jimmy Jones & Requiem

NFW Heavweight Championship
Ian Xavier (c) def. "D-roc" Devin Martin

NAW Cruiserwieht Title
2 Lo (c) def. Josh Calisto

NAW Heavyweight Championship
"Superstar" Steve Stardom (c) def Ace Spade

NFW U.S. Title
Lumberjack def. Pete Mack




May 28th , 2006, Onalaska, WI

Battle Royal
Tiny Tubbs won the opening battle royal and a shot at NAW Heavyweight Champion "Superstar" Steve Stardom

NAW Cruiserweight Championship
2 Lo (c) def. Zakk Neo

Fire def. Frost

#1 Contender for Cruiserweight Title
Casey Chaos def. Josh Calisto, D-roc, and Jay Chaotic

"Ironman" Mike Rollins def. Ace Spade

NAW United States Championsip
Jake Classic (c) def Lumberjack

Jimmy Jones def. Jose Guarva in a Table Match

NAW Television Championship
Maverick def. Jezrial (c) to capture the title

NAW Tag Team Championship
Germen Enforcers (c) def. Ian Xavier and Buddha

NAW World Heavyweight Championship
Steve Stardom (c) def. Tiny Tubbs


Hardcore Hell

Sept. 23, 2006


Magnus Karlson def. D-roc in a 'I Quit Match


Frost def. Jake Classic in a "Barb-Wire Bat" match


Ace Spade def Jimmy Jones in a "Technical Tables" match


Steve Stardom def. Lumberjack in a Dog-Collor match


Frost def. Spade, Karlson, and Stardom in the Tournament Final



NAW Halloween Havoc
Caledonia, MN Oct 28, 2006

Ann Brookstone def. D-roc

Buddah def. El Bano

United States Championship
Red Lightning def. Jake Classic (c)

Ian Xavier def. Lumberjack

WPW Lightheavyweight Championship
Ace Spade def. 2 Lo

Tag Team Championship
The GCP def. the German Enforcers (c)

Heavyweight Championship
Jake Classic def. Steve Stardom (c)