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New Age Wrestling

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2005 Results

March 5th,2005

Raddison Rumble / Radisson WI

Ace Spade defeats Widowmaker for the NAW Hardcore Title.


March 26th,2005

Rushford Rumble / Rushford MN

Butch Davis & Skunk Boy defeated The G.C.P.

Mastodon defeated Slaughterhouse Sam

Television Championship
Jimmy Jones Defeated Jose Guarava

Hardcore Championship
Ace Spade (c) Defeated Widowmaker

Backdraft Defeated Sledge & The Bull

Jason Studd Defeated Ian Xaiver

Heavyweight Championship
Steve Stardom (c) defeated Diehard


April 2nd,2005

Raddison Rumble / Radisson WI

Widowmaker Defeated Ace Spade for the NAW Hardcore Title


April 23, 2005

Assult on Arcadia / Arcadia WI

Slaughterhouse Sam defeated Butch Davis

Destroyer Defeated the G.C.P.

Fire Defeated Mike Rollins

Clint Owens Defeated Magnus Karlson

Hardcore Championship
Darkchild Defeated Widowmaker (c) & Crusix

T.C. Washington Defeated Diehard

Cruiserweight Championship
Sinister (c) Defeated Sledge

Television Championship
Jimmy Jones (c) & Ace Spade wrestled to a draw

Heavyweight Championship
Maverick Defeated Steve Stardom (c) to win the Title


June 4, 2005

Amped in Altura

Lollipop def. Ginger

NFW US Championship
Ace Spade def The Bull

Fire def. Josh Calisto

Jezz def. Magnus Karlson and Cell Block 5

TC Washington def. Diehard

Television Championship
Jimmy Jones (c) def. Widowmaker

Heavyweight Championship
Maverick (c) def Steve Stardom



July 23, 2005

Black Horse Brawl / Winona, MN

Cruiserweight Championship
Mike Rollins def. Zakk Neo (c)

Ace Spade & Butch Davis def. Skunk Boy & Slaughterhouse Sam

Jezrial def. Josh Calisto

United States Championship
Destroyer (c) def. Lumberjack

Lillipop def. Jack-O

Hardcore Championship
Fire (c) def. Magnus Karlson

Television Championship
Adrian Serrano def. Jimmy Jones (c)

Heavyweight Championship
Steve Stardom def. Maverick (c) for the belt


Sept 7, 2005

Amped in Altura 2 / Altura MN

Hardcore Championship
Widowmaker def. Fire (c)

Mike "the Bull" Geuke def. Maverick

Jay Chaltoc def. Jose Guarava

Skunk Boy def Jack-O

Butch Davis def. Slaughterhouse Sam

Tag Team Championship
Backdraft def. The German Enforcers

Cruiserweight Championship
Jack Classic def Mike Rollins (c), Josh Calisto, Jay Chaotic, D-roc, and Cell block 5

Heavyweight Championship
Steve Stardom (c) def. Ace Spade


Oct 1, 2005

Midwest Meltdown
Black River Falls, WI

NAW/WPW/BPW co-promoted show

This show included an 8 man tournement for the Triple Crown Upper Midwest Title

Round 1:

Ace Spade def Mike Rollins
Jezz def The Bull
Jimmy Jones def Widowmaker
Adrian Serrano def Red Lightning

Round 2:

Ace Spade def Jezz
Adrian Serrano def Jimmy Jones

Final Round:

Adrian Serrano def Ace Spade

Also on the card:

Mike Rollins & D-roc def Red Lightning and Alex Steele

Butch Davis wins a 10 man Battle Royal

To unify the WPW and NAW Heavyweight Titles

NAW Champion "Superstar" Steve Stardom def WPW Champion Sammy Savard to gain both belts


Black Horse Brawl 2
Oct 7, 2005 / Winona, MN

German Enforcers def. the GCP

Zakk Neo def. Frost

Mike the Bull Geuke def. D-roc

Hardcore Championship
Widowmaker (c) def. Ace Spade

Jay Chaotic def. Josh Calisto by DQ

Alex Steele def. Magnus Karlson

Cruiserweight Championship
Jake Classic (c) def. Mike Rollins

Heavyweight Championship
Steve Stardom (c) def. Butch Davis


Assault on Arcadia
Oct 29, 2005

The G.C.P. def. Ace Spade and Butch Davis

Alex Steele def. Mike Rollins

D-roc def. Josh Calisto

Jay Chaotic def. Slaughterhouse Sam

Tag Team Championship
Backdraft def. the German Enforcers

United States Championship
Lumberjack def. Karnage

Heavyweight Championship
Casket Match
Ace Spade (dressed as Hell Yen) def Steve Stardom, Magnus Karlson, and Maverick