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New Age Wrestling

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2004 Results

May 29,2004

Assault on Arcadia

Cruiserweight Championship
Venom defeated Shinobi

The Custodian defeated Assault

Lapean  "The Dream" defeated Steve Stardom

Hardcore Championship
Malice defeated Anticusix

Destroyer defeated Slaughter House Sam by DQ

Tag Team Championship
Punk Ninja & Shinobi Defeated Steve Stardom & Malice

United States Championship
Wolverine defeated Dark Child &  Adrian



Aug 21,2004

Carnage in Caledonia

Cruiserweight Championship
Josh Calisto defeated Assault & Jose Guavara

Widomaker defeated Jimmy Jones

Tag Team Championship
Void Effect (Vision & Zero) defeated The Ninja Warriors (Punk Ninja & Shinobi)(c)

Renny D. defeated Eclipse

Destroyer defeated Slaughter House Sam

Hardcore Championship
Steve Stardom defeated Malice (c)

United States Championship
Darkchild defeated Adrian Serrano, Ricky Strick-9,and Tiny Tubbs in a four way elimination style match for the title


Oct 16,2004

In Park Falls Steve Stardom defeated Dark Child in a T.L.C. match to becoming the new United States Champion...


Oct. 30,2004

Assault on Arcadia #2

Assault defeated El Bano

Jimmy Jones defeated Slaughterhouse Sam

Widow Maker defeated Avenger

United States Championship
The Destroyer defeated Steve Stardom (c)

Cruiserweight Championship
Zakk Neo defeated Sledge(c) & Mike Rollins

NAW Heavyweight Championship
Jason Studd defeated Ian Xavier

Hardcore Championship
Jezrial defeated Steve Stardom (c)



Carnage in Caledonia #2

Jack Schmitt defeated El Bano

Widowmaker & Avenger wrestled to a time limit draw... Jason Stern then announced that both wrestlers would face Jezrial for the Hard core title later that night.

Ace Spade defeated Assault

Cruiserweight Championship
Sinister Zakk Neo (c) deafeated Jimmy Jones & Sledge in a ladder match

United States Championship
Destroyer (c) defeated Slaughter House Sam

Heavyweight Championship
Steve Stardom defeated Jason Studd to win the title

Hardcore Championship
Widowmaker (c) defeated Jezrial & Avenger